Never miss a trade signal - connect DARA strategies to Telegram in 3 simple steps. 


STEP 1 - Click Connect Telegram on DARA App

STEP 2 - Press START on Telegram app

STEP 3 - Click the link in the message to connect your Telegram

Telegram connection completed - DARA strategy is now connected to your telegram, and you will receive messages on all your telegram devices (e.g. phone, desktop, tablet) every time there is a new signal for this strategy. 

Note - to connect a different DARA strategy you will need to repeat this same process again.


Common reasons why you can't connect to Telegram

  • You have not confirmed your email and activated your DARA account.
  • You are using DARA Web App on the desktop while Telegram on your phone. To create the connection to Telegram, you must have both apps on the same device (either both on the phone or both on desktop) 
  • DARA strategy you are trying to connect is not Active. Start the strategy on DARA App first and ensure it is not paused. 


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