• MT4 trading account (Demo or Live)
  • MT4 trading platform


  1. Download DARA installer from here:
  2. Launch DaraTradeSetupMT4.exe file 


  1. Accept the licence agreement.  
  2. Choose the MT4 trading platforms you wish to install the bots (You must close down your MT4 trading platforms) 
  3. Choose the subscription package to install (e.g. Algo Turtles - choose ALGO TURTLES installation package) 
  4. After a successful installation click, FINISH and your MT4 trading platform will start up automatically 


Common reasons why you can't install bots

  • Your internet security settings are blocking access to our site - add to safe sites in your internet options.
  • Your Computers Antivirus is blocking the download from our site -  add to safe sites in your antivirus options. 
  • Windows Firewall is blocking the download from our site - temporary disable the firewall  or add an exception rule for downloads from

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