STEP 1 (on MT4)

  1. On your MT4, open any new Forex chart and attach DARA FATHER to it.
  2. In DARA FATHER Inputs enter your email address. 
  3. Then open a new chart and load a template with a bot that you wish to connect to telegram (e.g. DARA - SATOSHI) 

STEP 2 (on Telegram)

  1. Open up telegram application.
  2. In the search bar enter the bot name you wish to connect to, starting with @ ( e.g. @SatoshiDARA_bot) Alternatively, you can click the telegram DARA bot links below to navigate to the bot.
  3. Press Start to initiate the bot.
  4. Send /connect command to the bot    
  5. Then send your MT4 account number. 

STEP 3 (on MT4)

  1. Refresh DARA FATHER by double-clicking on the refresh button 

Your MT4 DARA bot is now connected to your telegram username and you will receive messages on all your telegram devices (eg. phone, desktop, tablet).


By doing so you will lose the synchronisation to your MT4 account. For security reasons, only 1 telegram username can be connected to any 1 MT4 account.

DARA MT4 Telegram bots links:


Common reasons why you can't connect your account to the telegram

  • You don't have a telegram username (create your username in telegram app settings)
  • You did not start the DARA bot on MT4 chart first 
  • You did not refresh DARA FATHER

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